Essex County Airport (CDW)

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Essex County Airport commonly known as Caldwell Airport, is located in Fairfield, Essex County, New Jersey. The airport is 4 km north of the central business district of Caldwell in the U.S. state of New Jersey.

CDW was formed in 1929 by Walter Marvin. However, it is a public airport that provides a relaxing option for general aviation pilots.

Essex County Airport (CDW)

Explore Essex Airport’s information, including a quick rundown of runways, airlines, transportation, parking, and more.

Quick Overview of Essex County Airport (CDW)

Here is a quick look at Essex County Airport, NJ, with a table that lists its most important features:

Airport NameEssex County Airport
AddressBuilding M, 27 Wright Way, Fairfield, New Jersey, 07004, United States
Phone Number+19735750952

CDW Terminal & Runways

The CDW has two asphalt runways which are 4/22 is 4,552 by 80 feet and 10/28 is 3,719 by 75 feet. The lights on runway 10/28 are of medium strength. Runway 22 has a very bright light, and there is a four-light Precision Approach Path Indicator.

Airlines operate at Caldwell Airport

The Caldwell Airport does not have any scheduled commercial airlines with fixed destinations. It is a general aviation airport mainly operating private jets, business jets, and flight schools.

Services/Amenities at Essex Airport

  1. Control Tower: For pilots’ comfort, a control tower is open from 7 am to 11 pm, offering instructions and information. At other times, the Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) ensures everything goes smoothly.
  2. FBO Service: FBO is offering fuel service near airports for pilot convenience including.  Providing hanger space for rent offers a safe place for storing and maintaining aircraft.
  3. Flight School: CDW is also home to flight schools that offer teaching and certifications for student pilots.

CDW Airport Transportation

It’s easy to get to Caldwell NJ Airport with easy routes through highways such as 23, 46, 80, 280, and 287. The airport provides a bus facility as public transportation. The bus facility is from New York City’s Port Authority Building to CDW airport.

Caldwell Airport Parking

Many parking options are available on-site, making things easy for pilots and aspirants.

Map of Essex Airport

The map of Essex airport shows the grounds with runways, taxiways, and aprons. Maps also help to get the exact location of services offered by the airport.

Contact Information of Essex County Airport (CDW)

Below are contact details for the services provided by Caldwell Airport. Use these details to get information about the CDW and its services. Here the contact details are:

General Query+19735750952
Flight School973-575-8220
FBO Service973-575-1833

In New Jersey, Essex County Airport, Caldwell, NJ is an important hub for general flights. The airport’s convenient location, pilot-friendly facilities, and accessible transportation options make it a good choice for both experienced and aspirant pilots.


What is the IATA code of Essex County Airport?

The IATA code of Essex County Airport is CDW.

How many terminals are at CDW?

There are no terminals at the CDW.

What is the phone number of the flight school at Caldwell Airport?

973-575-8220 is the phone number of the flight school at Caldwell Airport.

What is the zip code of CDW Airport?

07004 is the zip code for CDW Airport.