DFW Airport Baggage Claim & Carousel Information

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) provides baggage claim facilities to passengers. For the convenience of travelers, the Dallas Baggage claim office is located at each terminal.

DFW Airport Baggage Claim

With the help of this guide, travelers will be able to find their way to the baggage claim area at Dallas Airport. It offers details on the locations, phone numbers for baggage claim at Dallas Airport, and hours of operation.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Baggage Claim Location

DFW Baggage claims are available at each terminal of Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Below are the details of the luggage claim area:

TerminalLocationWorking Hours
Terminal ALower level, near gates A10 and A2924 hours
Terminal BLower level, near gates B10 and B2824 hours
Terminal CLower level, near gates C10 and C3024 hours
Terminal DLower level, near gates D15 and D3124 hours
Terminal ELower level, near gates E13 and E3124 hours

Dallas Airport Baggage Carousels

Each terminal of DFW Airport has multiple carousels for local and international travelers. Here is a list of several carousels with working hours:

TerminalNumber of CarouselsHours
Terminal A824/7
Terminal B724/7
Terminal C824/7
Terminal D624/7
Terminal E524/7

DFW Airport Baggage Claim Phone Number and Other Details

First, connect with your airline directly for any query regarding your luggage. Use the Dallas Airport baggage claim phone number if you have questions concerning luggage. Here are the calling details:

For General Queries972-973-3112
DFW Baggage Claim972-973-4420

Dallas Airport Baggage Claim Map

Reach the baggage claim area and carousel location easily with a brief Dallas Fort Worth Airport map. Here is a chart:


What is the phone number for American Airlines baggage claim at DFW?

800-433-7300 is the phone number of American Airlines baggage claim at DFW.

Where is the Baggage Claim at DFW?

Baggage claim areas are located on the lower level of each terminal at Dallas Airport.