GCM Airport Map

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Learn about the GCM Airport Map, an essential tool for travelers navigating Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) in Grand Cayman. This detailed map offers a thorough layout of the airport’s facilities and grounds, making it easier to navigate via gates, terminals, parking lots, and other services. Travelers may easily navigate the airport and maximize their time there with the help of this map.

Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) Interactive Map

Here is access to the map with zoom-in and zoom-out options for more clarity to navigate services like:

  • Parking
  • transportation
  • Terminal

Here is a simple map of Owen Roberts International Airport to navigate the places of the airport.


Does the map include details of parking areas?

Yes, the map provides detailed information on all parking areas.

Can I see the locations of the gates on the map?

Yes, the map clearly marks the locations of all gates.

Does the map show dining and shopping options?

Yes, the map highlights various dining and shopping options within the airport.