Rialto Municipal Airport

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Rialto Municipal Airport also known as Maro Field was opened in 1944. It was a general aviation airport within 5 km of Rialto, in San Bernardino County, California US.

The airport was 10 miles west of San Bernardino International Airport and 12 miles northeast of Ontario International Airport. The airport served as the center of general aviation activities before its closure.

No airlines fly into this airport and it is used by private aircraft. Moreover, the airport operated 82 times on average without a control tower.

Regardless of its size compared to other airports near Rialto, it was relatively small.

This led the municipality of Rialto to agree to the airport’s closure in 2009 for redevelopment, driven by real estate developers.

Quick Overview of the Rialto Municipal Airport

The following table highlights the basic information:

Airport NameRialto Municipal Airport
Airport TypePublic
OperatorCity of Rialto
LocationRialto, Californa
IATA CodeNone
ICAO CodeNone

History of Rialto Airport

Firstly, it was purchased by Sam Miro in 1944 with 40 acres of land. After some years in 1966, it expanded to 60 acres under city management. It is a hub for private aircraft, no commercial airlines are operating there.

Since 1984, more than US $15 million has been accepted by the city of Rialto for improvement and land purchase. However, it covered 600 acres of the area before its closure.

Facilities Rialto Municipal Airport

Municipal Airport offers a wide range of facilities to support general aviation activities. The following guide highlights the facilities.

  1. Runways: The airport had two asphalt runways which were 6/24 measuring 4,500 by 100 feet and 17/35 measuring 2,650 by 50 feet. The runways provide ample space for takeoff and landing.
  2. Flight Training: It focuses on pilot training due to the presence of helicopter flight schools and fixed-wing at the airport.
  3. Maintenance and Fuel service: The airport provides maintenance services to ensure the aircraft receives proper servicing. Pilots can also fuel their planes.

At last, the airport officially closed on September 18, 2014, by air traffic. Consequently, all the runaways are marked by yellow X’s. The pavements have been entirely removed and little evidence of taxiways and runways left at the airport.


When was Rialto Municipal Airport was opened?

The Rialto Municipal Airport was opened in 1944.

When was Rialto Airport was closed?

The Rialto Airport was closed on September 18, 2014.

Why was Rialto Airport closed?

The Rialto Airport was closed due to economic reasons and development plans in 2014.