San Francisco Airport (SFO) TSA Security Wait Times Information

Going through endless security lines at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) might be difficult and hectic. This guide will help you with the exact information about the estimated SFO security wait times, to help you avoid the longer waiting times.

The wait times might be longer on weekends and holidays than on weekdays. Proper understanding of these security wait times ensures a smooth start to the journey.

San Francisco Airport (SFO) Security Wait Times & TSA

Here, passengers will get detailed information about security checkpoints, pinpoint locations, and operation hours. Also, learn about programs like CLEAR Plus and TSA PreCheck which can reduce security wait time.

Average San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Security Wait Times

Following is the exact security wait time found on analysis at SFO Airport:

Passengers can expect an average SFO security wait time of:15-30 Minutes

Approximate Security Wait Times at SFO 

Below is a more detailed analysis of the SFO security wait times. It also includes AM and PM timings:

AM TimesApproximate wait times (in minutes)PM TimesApproximate wait times (in minutes)

It is also suggested to keep real-time updates as these security wait times depend on various factors.

TSA PreCheck and CLEAR Checkpoint Schedule & Wait Times at San Francisco Airport

PreCheck and CLEAR services are the services offered for reducing SFO security wait times. Generally, PreCheck and CLEAR are systems that grant quicker screening to travelers who have been pre-approved and enrolled.

The availability of PreCheck and CLEAR at each SFO terminal, as well as the typical wait times for TSA screening, are mentioned in the table below:

TerminalCheckpointsOpen/CloseAverage Wait Times
Terminal 1 (Harvey Milk Terminal 1)Checkpoint B (PreCheck available)
Checkpoint C (CLEAR available)
Open 24/7
Open: 4:00 am-12:00 am
10-15 minutes
5-10 minutes
Terminal 2Checkpoint D (PreCheck available)
Checkpoint D (CLEAR available)
Open: 4:30 am-12:30 am
Open: 4:30 am-12:30 am
5-10 minutes
5-10 minutes
Terminal 3Checkpoint F (PreCheck available)
Checkpoint F (CLEAR available)
Open 24/7
Open 4:00 am-1:00 am
10-15 minutes
5-10 minutes
International TerminalCheckpoint A (PreCheck available)
Checkpoint G (CLEAR available)
Open 24/7
Open: 5:00 am-1:00 am
10-20 minutes
10-15 minutes

TSA PreCheck and CLEAR Benefits:

  • Speedy Verification of pre-enrolled passengers
  • Bypassing regular lines for the enrolled passengers
  • These passengers are allowed for security checks with jackets on 
  • Reduced security wait times

Contact SFO Airport for a Smooth Security Experience

To get real-time updates regarding the San Francisco Airport security wait times, you might need contact details of the SFO Airport. Further are the contact details:

TSA Helpline866-289-9673
Social MediaInstagram: @flysfoTwitter: @flysfoFacebook: San Francisco International Airport

Knowing proper timings will keep you prepared for the San Francisco Airport security TSA wait times, thus making your experience smoother and more stress-free. Moreover, facilities like PreCheck and CLEAR help passengers to skip through the long wait times. Registering in advance is always advised.


How long are security times at San Francisco Airport?

The current average wait time is 15-45 minutes. However, it depends on factors such as the day of the week, peak hours, etc.

How long are immigration wait times at SFO Airport?

SFO immigration wait times on factors such as flight volume, citizenship, etc. The time can extend from 30 minutes to an hour.

Does San Francisco Airport have a TSA PreCheck?

Yes, San Francisco International Airport offers TSA PreCheck in several terminals for pre-registered passengers.

When does security open at San Francisco Airport?

Security checkpoints at SFO generally operate 24 hours, but the hours can vary based on the terminal.

How to get a TSA PreCheck at San Francisco Airport?

You have to pre-enroll online through ( website, schedule an appointment, visit an enrollment center, do background verification, along with approval and use.

How to get a TSA CLEAR at San Francisco Airport?

You have to pre-enroll online through the ( website, schedule an appointment, visit an enrollment center, do background verification, and approval and use.

What is the TSA wait time at San Francisco Airport?

For peak hours it is 15 to 45 mins and for non-peak hours it is 30 mins.

What time does TSA close at San Francisco Airport?

There is no specific closing time for TSA checkpoints at San Francisco Airport.

What time does TSA open at San Francisco Airport?

At San Francisco International Airport, TSA checkpoints usually remain open throughout the day.

How do I contact TSA at San Francisco Airport?

You can reach the TSA contact center at 866-289-9673 for general inquiries.