Atlanta Airport Terminals

Serving the area of Georgia, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport covers an area of about 4700 acres. Within this area, there are two Atlanta Airport terminals and seven concourses. While the terminals handle domestic and international operations separately, the concourses are named from A to F and T. The Plane Train connects the concourses to the terminals.

Atlanta Airport Terminals

Both the terminals and the concourses undertake different sets of operations while providing the required amenities as well. These details are explained in the guide below to enable passengers to easily avail of these services.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) Terminals Guide

ATL Domestic Terminal and Concourse T

As per the Atlanta Airport layout terminals, the domestic terminal is present on the west side of the airport. All the operations related to domestic carriers are completed at Concourse T, hence both of these buildings are related.

  1. Airlines: A total of 11 airlines are operated via the Domestic Terminal and Concourse T. Some of these carriers provide connecting flights as well.
  2. Shops: Concourse T mainly has stores related to electronic items. Few apparel shops are also present here.
  3. Restaurants: Both the terminal and the concourse have several dining centers ranging from fast food stores to multi-cuisine options. They also host bars.
  4. Lounges: There are Clubs present in Concourse T which the fliers can pre-book. Contact the airport authorities to know the hours of operation.
  5. Gates: A total of 21 gates are housed by the Concourse. These gates are numbered from T1 to T21.
  6. Financial Services: Trust ATMS and currency exchange services are provided at Concourse T. Passengers must meet the eligibility conditions to avail of these services.
  7. Baggage and Check-in: Check-in and Baggage claim centers for various airlines are located at the Domestic terminal. TSA Precheck check centers are present as well.
  8. Ground Transportation: The West curb area of the domestic terminal serves as the pick-up point for the different ground transportation options like taxis and rental cars.
  9. Parking: Different domestic parking options like Economy, Daily, Lot, and Select are made available by the airport. One can use the Interstate 85 road to get to these locations.

ATL International Terminal and Concourse F

This is one of the larger ATL terminals which is connected to Concourse F. International arrivals are processed at this concourse. Some of the other important details include:

  1. Airlines: 15 major foreign airlines provide their services from the ATL International terminal. They primarily include non-Delta carriers.
  2. Shops: The majority of the shops hosted by Concourse F include Hudson stores and Duty-free shops. Few entertainment-related shops are also present here.
  3. Restaurants: Seafood restaurants are quite common at Concourse F. Additionally, it also hosts quick-bite options.
  4. Lounges: There are minute suites present at the concourse along with a few general clubs. Airline-specific lounges are not offered here.
  5. Gates: In total, Concourse F only has 12 gates. F1 to F12 are the respective gates assigned.
  6. Financial Services: ICE Currency Exchange services are provided at the International terminal. The available currencies will be informed by the authorities.
  7. Parking: International parking like hourly, daily, and economy is made available. Use the Interstate 85 South route to get to these locations.
  8. Ground Transportation: Fliers can avail of the shared-ride services at the International terminal. The arrival level, near the A3 door, is the pick-up location.

ATL Airport Concourse A

Concourse A is present next to Concourse T. It is under the wing of domestic terminals at Atlanta Airport. Related information regarding this terminal include:

  1. Gates: Concourse A has 29 gates. Each of these gates hosts different kinds of services.
  2. Shops: Shops at this concourse mainly include beauty, book, and boutique stores. Luxury goods are also sold at Concourse A.
  3. Restaurants: This concourse is home to a wide variety of fast-food stores and donut shops, including drinks and bakery items.
  4. Lounges: Only one Delta Sky Club is located at this concourse.

ATL Airport Concourse B

Between the concourses A and C is the location of B. It is equipped with quite a range of facilities that include:

  1. Gates: Starting at B1, a total of 32 gates are present here. The exact location of these gates can be found on the airport map.
  2. Shops: Bookstores and electronic stores are the most visited shops here. Common markets are also present.
  3. Restaurants: Concourse B has a diverse range of culinary options. From cafes to fine dining, one can find everything at this concourse.
  4. Lounges: Minute Suites and Clubs are offered here. Other relaxation services like spas are also housed by Concourse B.

ATL Airport Concourse C 

Concourse C is yet another service-filled building with a variety of food and shopping options. These include the following: 

  1. Gates: This building is divided into 34 gates. Each of these gates is assigned a specific number. 
  2. Shops: Shops at Concourse C are relatively less in number. They mainly include general stores
  3. Restaurants: Concourse C is the most famous building for restaurants, food courts, bars, cafes, and bakeries. It has numerous dining options. 

ATL Airport Concourse D

Located next to Concourse E, this building is known for its systematic operations and facilities. Some of these are: 

  1. Gates: A total of 40 gates are located at Concourse D. The numbering of these gates can be slightly scattered. 
  2. Shops: It has different shops located at different gates. Based on the requirement, fliers can navigate through the shops using the map. 
  3. Restaurants: Bars and fast-food options are more in number at this terminal. Also, few international cuisines are made available. 

ATL Airport Concourse E

Concourse E is related to the International ATL terminals. It only undertakes operations related to international flights.  

  1. Gates: It is one of the larger concourses with a total of 28 gates.
  2. Shops: Concourse E hosts the majority of the luxury stores. It also has a considerable number of duty-free shops.
  3. Restaurants: Although restaurants are fewer in number, this concourse has a lot of fast-food stores. Hence, one can access quick-bite options here.
  4. Finance: Currency exchange centers managed by ICE are housed by Concourse E.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) Map Terminals

Travelers can review the map of Atlanta Airport terminals to gain a clearer understanding of the layout of the airport. This map shows the distribution and the exact location of the terminal buildings and the concourses along with the various shops and restaurants.

The ATL Airport Terminals are managed in such a way that both domestic and international fliers face no hassle. The operations are divided among various concourses so that overcrowding does not occur and to ensure smooth proceedings.


How many terminals does Atlanta Airport have?

Atlanta Airport has 2 terminals, domestic and international.

Can you walk between terminals at Atlanta Airport?

The ATL Airport provides a pedestrian walkway to enable passengers to walk between the terminals.

How many concourses are there at the ATL Airport?

The ATL Airport has 7 main concourses.

Where is the ATL domestic terminal?

ATL domestic terminal is at the west end of the airport.

Where is the ATL International terminal?

The east end of the ATL Airport has an international terminal.