Asheville Airport TSA Security Wait Times

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Going through the long queue of security wait time at Asheville Airport can be quite dreadful. Here is a guide about Asheville Airport wait times & TSA information that assist you during your journey. This ensures a smooth journey through Asheville Airport.

On Average, it may take about 30-35 minutes at Asheville Airport security wait time during peak hours. This guide will help both frequent flyers and first-time travelers at Asheville Airport as it provides details about Asheville airport TSA precheck & security wait times. 

Average Asheville Airport Security Wait Times 

Average security wait time at Asheville Airport can be expected as:  18 minutes

Security Wait Time At Asheville Airport 

The following table provides detailed information about the security wait times at Asheville Airport. The information includes as : 

AM TimesTime TakenPM TimesTime Taken
12 am – 1 am0 Minutes12 pm – 1 pm18  Minutes
1 am – 2 am0 Minutes1 pm – 2 pm25 Minutes
2 am – 3 am0 Minutes2 pm – 3 pm17 Minutes
3 am – 4 am7 Minutes3 pm – 4 pm22 Minutes
4 am – 5 am12 Minutes4 pm – 5 pm30 Minutes
5 am – 6 am14 Minutes5 pm – 6 pm26 Minutes
6 am – 7 am16  Minutes6 pm – 7 pm13 Minutes
7 am – 8 am24 Minutes7 pm -8 pm15 Minutes
8 am – 9 am20 Minutes8 pm- – 9 pm12 Minutes
9 am – 10 am28 Minutes9 pm – 10 pm10 Minutes
10 am – 11 am18 Minutes 10 pm – 11 pm14 Minutes
11 am – 12 pm20 Minutes11 pm – 12 am8 Minutes

TSA PreCheck Checkpoint Schedule & Wait Times at Asheville Airport 

TSA PreCheck is a quick and convenient way to get out through the security and screening process at Asheville Airport. Experience the convenience of expedited security screening at Asheville Airport with the TSA PreCheck Or Clear.

Further, here is a table that highlights the availability and location of PreCheck Or Clear at Terminals.

Main TerminalMain Checkpoint Close

Contact Information of AVL Aiport for a Smooth Security Experience

To get live updates about the TSA PreCheck & security wait times at Asheville Airport you can connect with the security officer of the airport. To stay updated, the following contact details or social media platforms can be used: 

Official Website
TSA Helpline(855) 787-2227
Official Email Address[email protected]

Last, getting to know about the Asheville Airport security wait & TSA in detail helps in smoother and quicker travel. Registering TSA PreCheck or Clear in advance helps passengers skip the security waiting lines and expedites the screening procedure at the airport. This guide covered the information about Asheville Airport TSA wait times in detail.


Does Asheville Airport have a TSA PreCheck?

Yes, Asheville Airport has a TSA PreCheck at the main terminal.

When do security checkpoints open in Asheville?

Security checkpoints are open from 3:45 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.

How long are security wait times at Asheville Airport?

The average security wait time at the airport is 18 minutes and can extend to 30 -35 minutes.