Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has a lot of restaurants that serve tasty food that won’t be generally found at airports.

From Southern Comfort to international delights, ATL Airport offers you a diverse range of mouth-watering and flavourful food options. Find your ideal pre-flight snack regardless of your desire or budget.

Below are the best food options in Atlanta Airport that offer satisfying meals during your layover, focusing on quality and variety.

List of the Best Food at Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Here is the list of the top picks of food with restaurant names and locations at Atlanta Airport:

1. Sushi

The One Flew South restaurant offers the best sushi and fine dining. Travelers can enjoy a wide range of international cuisines along with fresh sushi.

Sushi dish at Atlanta Airport

The sushi selection is top-rated, especially considering they receive several weekly fresh fish supplies. If you have a long layover, head to Concourse E and try the best sushi and globally-inspired dishes at the airport.

2. New York Style Pizzas

At ATL Airport, Varasano’s is a great place to get pizza with fresh cream cheese and good toppings. People can eat real pizzas made with fresh ingredients at the restaurant.

New York style Pizza at Atlanta Airport

It’s great for people who want a quick, tasty snack that tastes like pizza in New York. But it could be more quiet and peaceful at the airport because it’s in the back of a busy food court in Concourse A.

3. Fried Chicken

Fresh and fried chicken are available at many places at ATL Airport. With a well-known identity, Popeyes serves fried chicken and chicken sandwiches. Enjoy a classic dish that combines the culinary customs of the South at Concourse B and Concourse D.

Fried Chicken at Atlanta Airport

Paschal’s Southern Cuisine is known for its southern fried chicken and catfish. Enjoy a cafeteria-style breakfast with chicken biscuits at the restaurant near Concourse B.

4. Soul Food

Get the best Soul Food at the ATL Airport that offers travelers a taste of Southern comfort. From savory fried chicken and biscuits to creamy mac and cheese these meals represent tradition and comfort.

Soul Food at ATL Airport

Taste the mouth-watering soul food staples at the Paschal Express near Concourse B. If you want a quick bite or enjoy a leisure meal Atlanta Soul Food is available for you.

5. Burger and Hot Dogs

Grindhouse Killer Burgers open at D30 serves burgers, hot dogs, and fries. Grindhouse’s signature Apache-style burger, with roasted green chilies and pepper jack cheese, is a taste explosion.

Burger and Hotdog in Atlanta Airport

It is the traveler’s favorite place to get hearty meals. At Concourse B, Last Cast Bar and Grill offers burgers and hot dogs. Vegetarians can choose their black bean-grilled food.

6. Asian-Inspired Cuisine

An array of dishes, from traditional Chinese to fresh sushi to Southeast Asian street food, are sure to satisfy your taste buds. People travel to P.F. Change to find an abundance of food options.

Asian Cuisine in Atlanta Airport

These places serve Asian food like noodles, dumplings, and stir-fries.

7. Mediterranean Dishes

Ecco, the popular midtown restaurant offers Mediterranean dishes using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The Mediterranean dishes include Greek salad, falafel wrap, and Lamb Kebabs.

Mediterranean Dishes in ATL Airport

These dishes showcase the diverse flavors and ingredients typical of Mediterranean dishes.

8. Fresh Seafood

Phillips Seafood brings a taste of Maryland to Atlanta with its famous crab cakes and other types of seafood. The best thing about Jekyll Island is the fresh seafood.

Sea Food in ATL Airport

In Concourse F, you can choose from many fish and shellfish dishes. Ecco also serves food with European influences, including seafood, pasta, and charcuterie.

9. Healthy Salads

From vibrant vegetable medleys to crisp greens topped with grilled chicken, passengers find nutritious choices. The mustard seeds offer options that are both nutritious and tasty. Vigenary potato salads are the top salads provided by the Mustard Seeds BBQ.

Healthy Salad at Atlanta International Airport

It is a favorite place among travelers located in Concourse D. For a vegetarian party, the Georgia heirloom tomato and burrata salad is a great choice.

10. Beer & Wine

It’s not surprising that the drink ended up in Southern kitchens, where it was drunk and eaten. Last Cast Bar and Grill is a restaurant that specializes in beer pairings. Atlanta Chophouse and Brewery has a broad range of fresh beers.

Beer & Wine at Atlanta Airport

In addition to beers made in-house, you can enjoy their locally-inspired food. In Concourse D, Chicken+Beer focuses on serving bar standards, southern staples, and good beers.

Here are the signature dishes or best food of the restaurants at ATL Airport that you absolutely must try.

A wide range of tasty, distinctive, and high-rated choices are available at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. ATL caters to a broad range of tastes, including sushi, pizza, fried chicken, soul food, and international cuisines such as Asian and Mediterranean dishes.

Moreover, passengers can find delicious food restaurants with the help of the Atlanta Airport map.

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