Istanbul Airport (IST) is the new main gateway in Turkey and is among the biggest and most modern airports in the world. The old Atatürk Airport lost significance after the new Istanbul Airport opened in October 2018, making it the primary gateway connecting Turkey to the rest of the world.

By means of high-performing infrastructure and comprehensive safety measures, Istanbul Airport offers comfort for passengers from different parts of the world, on the land and airside, whether they fly to or from Istanbul.

Is Istanbul Airport Safe?

This Guide will help you understand the various safety standards, features, and services that the airport offers to ensure the safety and comfort of travelers.

Overall Safety Of Istanbul Airport (IST)

Istanbul Airport offers proper safety for its travelers and workers. Let us know in detail about all the safety measures.

  • Advanced Surveillance and Security Technology: The advanced surveillance systems at Istanbul Airport provide a wide range of CCTV coverage. These cameras provide constant surveillance over the entire airport, from the runways to the terminals. Modern security technologies like automated screening programs and facial recognition increase the efficacy and efficiency of these monitoring initiatives.
  • Trained Security Personnel: Several highly skilled security guards are employed by the airport and are dispersed across the premises. These experts are in charge of keeping an eye on immigration, customs, and security checkpoints. Their presence guarantees the timely identification and management of any potential security concerns.
  • Proper Screening Methods: Istanbul Airport implements strict screening procedures for travelers, luggage, and cargo in accordance with international aviation security standards. Explosive detection systems, X-ray machines, and metal detectors are examples of security checks. In order to ensure careful inspection, random inspections and searches are also carried out.
  • Emergency Services: The airport has an emergency response strategy in place, supported by on-site emergency services and 24-hour medical facilities. Emergency responders and skilled medical personnel are on hand to offer immediate assistance in the case of a problem.
  • Healthy and Safety Protocols: Istanbul Airport enhanced its health and safety procedures in response to the COVID-19 epidemic in order to safeguard both employees and customers. Increased sanitization and cleaning, social distancing signs, and health screening techniques including temperature checks are some of these methods.

Safety for Layovers at Istanbul Airport

  • Secure Transit Zones: In secure and well-monitored transport zones, travelers can feel comfortable. These spaces are made to offer a safe atmosphere, with limited access to guarantee that only people with permission can enter.
  • Comfortable Lounges: There are several lounges available at Istanbul Airport for travelers to relax during their layover. With features like free food and drink, Wi-Fi, showers, and peaceful places to relax, these lounges offer a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Particularly the Turkish Airlines Lounge is well known for its luxury and wide range of amenities.
  • On-site Accommodation: Travelers with extended layovers can find easy and safe lodging alternatives at the YOTEL Istanbul Airport. The hotel, which has locations on both the landside and the airside, offers elegant rooms with all the facilities required. Passengers may now relax and rest inside the safe boundaries of the airport.
  • Wide Range of Services: Istanbul Airport offers a lot of facilities to make your layover easier. Throughout the terminal, there is free Wi-Fi to help travelers stay connected. Diverse tastes and interests are catered to by a variety of dining options, ranging from fine dining to fast cuisine. In addition, there are many shops offering plenty of shopping choices, such as duty-free shops and premium boutiques. Families may have a stress-free layover, kid-friendly play spaces, and other amenities.

Detailed Security and Safety Measures

  • Baggage Handling and Storage: Modern baggage handling technologies are used at Istanbul Airport to guarantee the quick and safe movement of bags. Additionally, there are facilities for storing luggage, giving travelers a safe place to keep their belongings while they explore the city or airport.
  • Lost and Found Services: The airport’s lost and found services are excellent, with dedicated staff members working hard to connect visitors with their forgotten belongings. This provides an extra layer of security and eases for travelers.
  • Medical Facilities and Pharmacies: Istanbul Airport offers 24/7 medical care, multiple pharmacies, and emergency medical services. These facilities guarantee that travelers may quickly fix health concerns by giving them access to necessary pharmaceuticals and medical care.
  • Prayer Rooms and Restrooms: Istanbul Airport has prayer spaces for many religions in recognition of the varied needs of those who use it. These areas offer a calm, polite setting for meditation and prayer. For travelers who need to catch up on sleep during lengthy layovers, there are also specific rest facilities and sleeping pods accessible.
  • Accessibility and Assistance: Istanbul Airport has everything it needs to help travelers with special requirements or limited mobility. To help guarantee a seamless and comfortable travel experience, the airport offers wheelchairs, specific service points, and experienced staff. Throughout the terminal, there are also accessible facilities and elevators.

Transportations available with Safety at Istanbul Airport

  1. Public Transport: Istanbul Airport has good and safe public transportation connections to the city center and other areas of Istanbul.
    • Metro: The airport and the city center are connected directly and effectively by the M11 metro line.
    • Buses: Taksim Square, Sultanahmet, and Yenikapı are just a few of the important Istanbul places that are regularly served by Havaist and IETT buses.
    • Taxis: For your convenience, there are plenty of taxis waiting outside the terminal that charge a metered fare.
  2. Car Rentals: Istanbul Airport is home to several car rental companies, including global names like Hertz, Avis, and Europcar. Passengers can now freely explore Istanbul and its surrounding areas at their convenience.
  3. Parking Facilities: Istanbul Airport has a wide range of parking options to meet short- and long-term parking requirements:
    • Short-term Parking: Conveniently situated near the terminal, this space is perfect for pickups and drops.
    • Long-term Parking: Provides shuttle services to the terminal and is appropriate for longer stays.
    • Valet Parking: For those looking for even more convenience.

Istanbul Airport is an advanced, safe, passenger-friendly facility that meets global aviation safety regulations. Istanbul Airport guarantees a secure and enjoyable travel experience for every passenger with advanced security measures, extensive services, and a strong focus on customer comfort and safety. You can trust its excellent airport’s high degree of security and service whether you are traveling, arriving, or leaving.


Is Istanbul Airport safe?

Istanbul Airport is indeed secure. One of the safest airports in the world, it follows international safety requirements, has strict security measures, strict health norms, and significant emergency services.

Is Istanbul Airport safe for layovers?

Yes, it is safe to spend a layover at Istanbul Airport. It provides a range of services, advanced security measures, and modern facilities to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience.

What are the safety facilities available at Istanbul Airport?

Istanbul Airport has a number of safety facilities, such as efficient security screening, security officers assigned in force, surveillance systems, excellent medical facilities, and strict health procedures.

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