SAS or Scandinavian Airlines is the national flag carrier of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Founded in 1946, SAS Airlines is a low-cost option to travel to around 90 destinations across the globe. The airline has around 180 fuel-efficient aircraft in its fleet to operate smoothly to these locations and ensure pocket-friendliness.

Why is SAS Airlines So Cheap

This airline has often been named the most popular air operator due to its low cost. In 2017, it carried around 28.6 million fliers on a budget and became the 8th largest carrier in the world. Along with low fares, the airline is highly preferred by travelers because of its outstanding services, comfortable travel classes, passenger-centric policies, etc.

What Makes SAS a Cheap Airlines?

The airline, SAS, is known for its affordable airfares. When it comes to the factors that consolidate with low prices, there are plenty. Scandinavian Airlines applies a cost management approach. It strategically plans routes to fly to, using cost-effective aircraft. Other factors further contribute to affordability with this carrier.

Below, some of these factors have been covered:

1. A Professional Approach to Cost Management

The cost-management approach of SAS Airlines is one of the main reasons to have fares cheaper than other air operators. The authority of this carrier focuses on reducing expenses and maximizing operational efficacy across the operational areas.

To achieve this, the airline carefully manages the overall travel costs including:

  • The expenses of aircraft maintenance
  • Fuel pricing
  • Airport fees
  • Labor costs

2. Higher Market Competition

SAS Airlines is a low-cost air travel option because of the increasing market competition. Irrespective of the cheap fares, the airline offers the same services and a wider route network. Through this tactic, it grabs the attention of new customers and retains the existing ones without much hassle. In addition to this, SAS offers special discounts and incentivizes them when fliers pick them over others.

3. Seasonal Demands Make SAS a Popular Choice

The demand for the flights of Scandinavian Airlines may vary as per the season. When there is a less popular time/season of travel or an off-season, the airline offers even lower fares to fill the vacant seats. Although SAS already has affordable airfares, it ensures attractive offers and discounts to make travel even more pocket-friendly.

4. Strategic Route Planning

Scandinavian Airlines serves almost every well-traveled and popular route. This strategic planning helps this carrier extract maximum benefits from the economies of those nations.

  • By concentrating on the routes that are highly in demand, the airline efficiently utilizes the resources of the same.
  • As a result, it gets opportunities to optimize its airfares and provide passengers with economical air travel to even popular destinations.

5. Use of High-tech Fleet

SAS Airlines is so cheap, owing to its fleet which serves a great role in this regard. This is because the air operator has fairly modern and high-tech aircraft in its fleet at the moment. When planes are advanced, they need reduced maintenance and have better fuel efficiency.

Through fuel-efficient aircraft, SAS is easily managing its operational and other related expenses. Hence, the savings are passed on to its customers in the form of affordable airfares.

6. SAS Loyalty Program

Just like any other popular airline, SAS also has a loyalty program for its frequent flyers. Known as EuroBonus, the members are rewarded with great perks and benefits. For instance, whenever a flyer books a flight, he/she will receive certain points/miles. The earned points/miles can be used for upcoming bookings.

The best thing to note about this loyalty program is that the accumulated points/miles are accepted on SAS as well as its partnered airlines. By redeeming the same, passengers can save extra bucks on every booking and enjoy the cheapest fares.

7. Ancillary Services

The A La Carte approach is followed by Scandinavian Airlines when it comes to pricing. This means that travelers have the flexibility to pick and pay accordingly for the desired services. It provides a traveler with the flexibility to add extra services such as meals, checked bags, seat selection, etc. according to his/her needs.

Additionally, SAS Airlines offers only a base fare which is quite lower than other air operators. This pricing model allows budget-minded fliers to enjoy their trips and forgo unnecessary services without affecting their budget.

SAS Airlines is so cheap because of its smart strategies for ticket fare management, ancillary services, effective route planning, use of fuel-efficient fleets, and other factors. All these allow SAS to offer great airfares even for high-demand travel destinations. Besides, being a low-cost carrier, it ensures world-class services and optimal comfort.

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