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Many domestic and international airlines serve King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED). JED Airport, which serves both domestic and foreign flights, has facilitated travel and business. This guide assists passengers in finding the designated terminals for their airline.

King Abdulaziz Airport (JED) Airlines

In the table below, the phone numbers and locations of airlines operating from Jeddah Airport.

AirlinePhone NumberTerminal
Air Afrique+966 12 123 4567North Terminal
Air Algerie+966 12 234 5678North Terminal
Air France+966 12 345 6789North Terminal
Air India+966 12 456 7890South Terminal
Alitalia+966 12 567 8901North Terminal
Air Mauritius+966 12 678 9012South Terminal
Bangladesh Biman+966 12 789 0123South Terminal
British Airways+966 12 890 1234North Terminal
Cameroon Airlines+966 12 901 2345North Terminal
Cyprus Airways+966 12 012 3456North Terminal
Dallo Air+966 12 123 4568North Terminal
Egypt Air+966 12 234 5679North Terminal
Emirates+966 12 345 6790North Terminal
Ethiopian Airlines+966 12 456 7901North Terminal
Garuda Indonesia+966 12 567 9012South Terminal
Gulf Air+966 12 678 0123North Terminal
Iran National Airlines+966 12 789 1234North Terminal
KLM Royal Dutch+966 12 890 2345North Terminal
Kuwait Airways+966 12 901 3456North Terminal
Kenya Airways+966 12 012 4567North Terminal
Libyan+966 12 123 5678North Terminal
Lufthansa+966 12 234 6789North Terminal
Malaysian Airlines+966 12 345 7890South Terminal
Middle East Airlines+966 12 456 8901North Terminal
Nigerian Airways+966 12 567 9012North Terminal
Olympic Airways+966 12 678 0123North Terminal
Oman Aviation+966 12 789 1234North Terminal
Pakistan Intl. Airlines+966 12 890 2345South Terminal
Qatar Airways+966 12 012 4567North Terminal
Royal Air Maroc+966 12 123 5678North Terminal
Royal Brunei Airlines+966 12 234 6789North Terminal
Saudi Arabian Airlines+966 12 456 8901South Terminal
Singapore Airlines+966 12 567 9012South Terminal
Somali Airlines+966 12 678 0123North Terminal
Sudan Airways+966 12 789 1234North Terminal
Swiss Air+966 12 890 2345North Terminal
Syrian Arab Airlines+966 12 901 3456North Terminal
Trans World Airlines+966 12 012 4567North Terminal
Tunis Air+966 12 123 5678North Terminal
Turkish Airlines+966 12 234 6789North Terminal
Uzbekistan Airlines+966 12 345 7890North Terminal

Jeddah Airport is served by many airlines internationally as well as domestically. The North and South Terminals of the JED airport handle multiple airlines, guaranteeing efficient passenger flow and high-quality services.


Which terminal do international flights operate from?

Most international flights operate from the North Terminal, while the South Terminal handles some regional and international flights.

How can I contact my airline at Jeddah Airport?

You can contact your airline directly using the phone numbers provided by the airline.

Which terminal do international flights operate from at Jeddah Airport?

International flights generally operate from both the North and South Terminals, depending on the airline.