John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) Terminals

The busiest and the largest, John F Kennedy International Airport currently has 5 main terminals. These JFK terminals are numbered from 1 to 8, excluding 2, 3, and 6. Initially, the airport had 10 terminals, which were reconstructed to 5 at present. Terminal 2, was replaced by the expansion of Terminal 4, and Terminal 6 was recently constructed in 2023.

John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) Terminals

As of now, each of these 5 terminals is assigned a specific quadrant represented by different colors and comprises a specific number of gates. This guide highlights the details of each terminal along with the different services available here.

JFK Terminals Guide

JFK Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is one of the oldest JFK Airport Terminals constructed about 50 years ago. It facilitates international arrivals and undertakes the boarding process as well. Various amenities available at this terminal include:

  1. Airlines: About 28 international and domestic carriers undertake their operations from this terminal. These mainly include the SkyTeam Airlines.
  2. Shops: This terminal hosts a variety of shops ranging from gift stores and boutiques to duty-free stores. One can find both travel essentials and luxury shops here.
  3. Restaurants: Terminal 1 hosts fast food centers, multi-cuisine restaurants, and cafes. One can also get bar access at this terminal.
  4. Lounges: Both airline-specific and general lounges are hosted by this terminal. One must register in advance to access these lounges.
  5. Levels and Gates: There are a total of 4 gates at Terminal 1, each facilitating a different procedure. Gates 1-12 undertake the departure of flights.
  6. Financial Services: ICE provides JFK currency exchange services at this terminal. Additionally, ATMs are also spread across different locations within Terminal 1.
  7. Baggage and Check-In: General check-in counters facilitate the pre-boarding processes and TSA checks. Several carousels are made available for international luggage collection.
  8. Parking: Parking at this terminal is currently closed. Terminal 1 passengers can use the spaces available at Terminal 8 to halt their vehicles.
  9. Ground Transportation: One can hire taxis and rental car services to travel to and from Terminal 1. The fee charged depends on the distance to be covered.

JFK Terminal 4

Currently having 2 concourses, Terminal 4 is under the control of a foreign airport operator. It covers an area of about 1.5 million square feet and has been consistently expanded. The features available here include:

  1. Airlines: Terminal 4 handles the arrivals and departures of about 20 airlines. Being the main hub of Delta Airlines, it manages several SkyTeam carriers as well.
  2. Restaurants: One can mainly find breweries and contemporary restaurants at Terminal 4. The timings of these restaurants vary based on the day of the week.
  3. Lounges: Clubhouses and lounges are common facilities at this terminal. VIP fliers can access airline-specific lounges without prior booking.
  4. Levels and Gates: All the operations at this terminal take place via 4 levels and at Gates A2- B42.
  5. Finance: CXI currency exchange services are available here along with Travelex ATM centers.
  6. Parking: The blue lot offers parking at Terminal 4. The fee is charged on an hourly basis and long-term parking is available for 24 hours.
  7. Ground Transportation: One can access taxis, rental cars, and other means of public transportation from this terminal. Private vehicles can also be used.
  8. Smoking Areas: There are two smoking areas in this terminal. Fliers should not smoke anywhere outside these areas.
  9. Shops: This terminal is famous for its duty-free stores at JFK Airport and luxury collectibles. One can find Hudson News stores here as well.

JFK Terminal 5

Opened in Terminal 5, Terminal 5 provides state-of-the-art facilities equipped with a modern infrastructure. It has a large operating base managing a number of passengers yearly.

  1. Airlines: JFK Airport Airline terminals include only 2 carriers here. Both arrivals and departures of these 2 airlines are undertaken here.
  2. Shops: Book stores, travel essentials, duty-free centers, boutiques, and garment and make-up stores are famous at Terminal 5.
  3. Restaurants: Passengers can get quick-bite options at the various fast-food centers and cafes available here. For a more eccentric culinary experience, one can visit the fine dining options.
  4. Lounges: Only one general lounge is present at Terminal 5. Contact the airport authorities for details about the registration process.
  5. Levels and Gates: This building currently has 29 gates, most of which are present at Level 2, out of the four levels of the terminal.
  6. Finance: Terminal 5 is equipped with Travelex ATM counters. For currency exchange services, one might need to visit the other terminals.
  7. Parking: The yellow lot provides parking spots for passengers visiting Terminal 5. One can pre-book the spots by paying the necessary charges.
  8. Ground Transportation: Taxi pick-up and rental hire will be made available near the arrivals area of Terminal 5. If fliers wish to use private vehicles, they can directly head towards the exit.
  9. Smoking Areas: A total of 3 smoking areas are offered at this terminal. These are present near the curbside area.
  10. Baggage and Check-In: Level 3 of the terminal provides the check-in services while the JFK Airport baggage claim is facilitated at Level 1.

JFK Terminal 7

Originally operated by British Airways, JFK Terminal 7 came into existence in 1970. Since then, it has undergone renovation in order to accommodate more passengers. Other details include:

  1. Airlines: Terminal 7 is known for facilitating the boarding and arrival of Oneworld carriers. Around 13 of these airlines are managed here.
  2. Shops: An ample number of electronic and duty-free stores are present here. Additionally, Terminal 7 is known for offering duty-free goods at different locations throughout.
  3. Restaurants: Fast-food courts and bars are a common feature here. Multi-cuisine restaurants are relatively smaller in number.
  4. Lounges: Terminal 7 hosts several lounges, both airline-specific and general. Free Wi-Fi, food and beverages, and other relaxation services are provided at these lounges.
  5. Levels and Gates: Comprising 4 levels, Terminal 7 has around 10 gates mainly present at Level 3.
  6. Finance: Terminal 7 provides SDI Currency exchange services. Currently, about 6 ATM counters are present here.
  7. Parking: Parking for Terminal 7 can be accessed at the Orange lot. However, the pre-booking option is limited here.
  8. Ground Transportation: Private and public transport like cars, taxis, and shuttles can be booked from the arrival section of this terminal.

JFK Airport Terminal 8

Terminal 8 is one of the largest of the JFK Airport Terminals. Terminal 9 was also included in its reconstruction. Overall, the terminal currently handles the following:

  1. Airlines: 11 carriers mainly belonging to Oneworld are managed here, for both arrivals and departures.
  2. Shops: One can find a number of convenience stores at Terminal 8. Additionally, fashion and accessory outlets are provided as well.
  3. Restaurants: Bars and steakhouses are quite common at this Terminal. Fast-food centers and snack stores are made available as a quick-bite option.
  4. Lounges: Near different gates of the terminal, different lounges are made available. Airline-specific lounges are not many in number.
  5. Levels and Gates: Comprising 31 gates in two concourses, this terminal has a total of 4 levels.
  6. Parking: The red lot is the parking space for Terminal 8 passengers. The availability of the spaces can be checked on the airport’s official site.
  7. Smoking: One designated smoking area is provided at Terminal 8.

The JFK Terminals ensure that passengers can access all the required facilities irrespective of their location within the airport. For this reason, they undertake a comprehensive approach to the provision of facilities across all the five terminals of the JFK Airport.


How many terminals does JFK have?

JFK Airport currently has 5 terminals in operation.

How to get between terminals at JFK?

One can use the airport shuttle services to get between JFK Airport terminals.

Can you walk between terminals at JFK?

Although it is possible to walk between JFK Airport terminals, it is not recommended. One can instead use the airport shuttles.

What are the JFK Airport departure terminals?

All the terminals at the JFK Airport undertake departures.

What facilities are available at the JFK Airport terminals?

Facilities like shops, restaurants, and lounge access are available at the John F Kennedy Airport terminals.