Orlando Airport Baggage Claim

Orlando Airport has an efficient system for luggage collection. The baggage claim areas are located in both Terminal A and Terminal B. Each terminal has multiple carousels, with specific airlines assigned to certain carousels based on the number of passengers.

Passengers can retrieve their bags from the designated baggage claim location after stepping off the aircraft. Travelers can easily make their way about the airport thanks to the clear signage. Extra pick-up services are also offered in both terminals at the baggage claim levels.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) Baggage Claim Location

Terminals A and B of MCO Airport have a luggage collection area. Below is the location with carousel information:

TerminalLocationWorking Hours
Terminal ALevel 1, Baggage Claim 8A – Virgin Atlantic
Level 2, Baggage Claim Carousels 1-16
24 Hours
Terminal BLevel 2, Carousels 20-32
Level 1, Baggage Claim 28B
24 Hours

Orlando Airport Baggage Claim Phone Number and Other Details

To contact the authorities with queries, you can either visit the official website or call the baggage claim phone number at MCO Airport. If you have any concerns or inquiries about luggage claims, the staff members will assist quickly.

Location1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32827
Phone Number+1 (407) 825-2464

MCO Airport Baggage Claim Map

Here is an Interactive map of the MCO Airport Baggage Claim area.

Reclaim your luggage from the Orlando Airport Baggage area by reaching the designated or contacting the luggage team directly with a phone number.


What baggage claim is Southwest at Orlando Airport?

Southwest Airlines’ baggage claim is located in both Terminal A and Terminal B, Level 2.

Where is the baggage claim at Orlando Airport?

Baggage claim at MCO Airport is located on Level 2 of both Terminal A and Terminal B.