Chicago Midway Airport TSA Wait Times

Taking your way through the Midway Airport can be quite stressful during the TSA wait times queues. It takes 35-40 minutes at the Midway Airport security wait times during the peak hours.

Below is the location and operating hours for security checkpoints. In addition, all information about expedited screening programs like TSA PreCheck and Clear.

Average Chicago Midway Airport (MDW) TSA Wait Times

Midway Airport security wait times average:34 minutes

Security Wait Times at Chicago Midway Airport

The security wait times at Chicago Midway Airport can lead to an increase in weekends as compared to weekdays. Below are the details of the current average TSA wait times at MDW Airport.

AM TimesTime TakenPM TimesTime Taken
12 am – 1 am4 Minutes12 pm – 1 pm22 Minutes
1 am – 2 am5 Minutes1 pm – 2 pm32 Minutes
2 am – 3 am10 Minutes2 pm – 3 pm31 Minutes
3 am – 4 am12 Minutes3 pm – 4 pm15 Minutes
4 am – 5 am8 Minutes4 pm – 5 pm9 Minutes
5 am – 6 am28 Minutes5 pm – 6 pm11 Minutes
6 am – 7 am19 Minutes6 pm – 7 pm23 Minutes
7 am – 8 am28 Minutes7 pm -8 pm4 Minutes
8 am – 9 am20 Minutes8 pm- – 9 pm5 Minutes
9 am – 10 am13 Minutes9 pm – 10 pm20 Minutes
10 am – 11 am22 Minutes10 pm – 11 pm35 Minutes
11 am – 12 pm19 Minutes11 pm – 12 am34 Minutes

Contact Midway Airport for a Smooth Security Experience

For any queries regarding the TSA wait times at Chicago Midway Airport, you can directly contact the airport agents via call or on social media. Contact details are given below:

Official Website
TSA Helpline(855) 787-2227

The security waiting lines or screening procedure might take your time at the Chicago Midway Airport. To expedite screening time at the airport enroll in advance for TSA PreCheck. Make your experience more stress-free by skipping the long wait lines.


What is the average security wait time at Chicago Midway Airport?

 The average security wait time is expected to be 34 minutes at Chicago Midway Airport.

Does Chicago Midway Airport have a TSA PreCheck?

Yes, Chicago Midway makes available the TSA PreCheck facility.

What time does TSA open at MDW Airport?

The TSA checkpoints open at 3:30 am at MDW Airport.

What time does TSA close at MDW Airport?

The TSA checkpoints close at 11:00 pm at MDW Airport.