Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) Terminals

Located in the famous city of Texas, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, serves the metroplex area. It is known to be the second-busiest airport in the world with 5 main terminals. The DFW terminals are named A, B, C, D, and E. Two of these terminals have gates in the satellite building. They provide non-stop departure and arrival services. Also, terminals at this airport are present in a semi-circle layout to enhance working efficiency.

DFW terminals

Passengers can use the Skylink people mover facility to get between the terminals. Other utilities like parking and ground transportation are also made available. Refer to the following guide to find more such information.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Terminals Guide

DFW Terminal A

The first of the DFW Airport terminals is Terminal A. It enables fliers to access an array of services. Some of these include the following:

  1. Airlines: American Airlines is the only carrier being operated at Terminal A. Pre-boarding processes related to this carrier also take place here.
  2. Shops: The shops present at this terminal include bookstores, entertainment-related stores, and apparel and garment outlets.
  3. Restaurants: Local dining options and pizza outlets can be found in this building. Also, Terminal A hosts a large number of vending machines.
  4. Levels and Gates: There are three levels, one for departures, one for Skylink, and the last for general operations. The total number of gates is 26 here.
  5. Ground Transportation: Fliers can access taxis and other transport options on the lower level of Terminal A. These services are usually available from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  6. Finance: Credit banks, ATM centers, and Cash-to-card stations are readily available here. They are located mainly on Level 2.
  7. Parking: There is a parking space available directly next to the terminal. Make sure to get to the airport early in order to reserve a spot.

DFW Terminal B

This is one of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport terminals that handles domestic flights. It is connected to the other buildings via shuttle services.

  1. Airlines: Terminal B does not undertake the management of many airlines except American Airlines. Any update regarding the assigned airlines will be informed to the fliers.
  2. Shops: Retail stores for games, news, magazines, accessories, clothes, and everyday essentials can be found here.
  3. Restaurants: Food courts at this terminal include fast food items, fine dining options, and vending machines as well.
  4. Levels and Gates: One can find 45 gates in Terminal B, 10 of which are housed in the satellite building. These are spread across 3 levels.
  5. Ground Transportation: Rental car services can be availed by contacting the respective companies. Taxi pick-up point is located near the arrivals level of the terminal.
  6. Parking: Terminal and Economy parking options are made available. To pre-book, call the airport agents.
  7. Finance: Travelers can get to the banks and ATMs located here to avail of the financial services. They will usually be open throughout the day.

DFW Terminal C

Another well-equipped building at the Dallas Airport is Terminal C. It has all the facilities that help enhance the passenger experience. These include:

  1. Airlines: Terminal C, like the first two terminals, is only involved with one carrier, that is American Airlines.
  2. Shops: Comparatively less in number, the shops in Terminal C offer travel essentials and everyday products.
  3. Restaurants: About 49 dining points are located here. The majority of these are present at Levels 2 and 3.
  4. Levels and Gates: 4 levels including a Mezzanine level are hosted at Terminal C. Overall, it comprises 29 gates.
  5. Ground Transportation: If you wish to book taxis, head to the lower level of this building. The availability of the cars might differ.
  6. Finance: Around 4 banking and financial service stations are present here. Fliers can also convert their cash to credit.

DFW Terminal D

Among the DFW terminals, terminal D is meant for international flights. It has the following features and services:

  1. Airlines: Terminal D is the home terminal for about 14 airlines currently. Each carrier is assigned a separate gate.
  2. Shops: A lot of shops, including boutiques, beauty stores, and fashion outlets can be found here. Bookstores are also available.
  3. Restaurants: Be it a quick-bite option or a multi-cuisine facility, this terminal has a variety of food stores to cater to the tastes of different fliers.
  4. Levels and Gates: Including the Skylink level, four are present at this terminal. The gate numbers add up to 33.
  5. Finance: Bank of America and other financial institutions provide the needed fiscal services. ATMs are also available.
  6. Ground Transportation: Similar to the other terminals, the lower level has a taxi pick-up service connecting to different locations within the city.

DFW Terminal E

The last terminal at this airport is Terminal E. It handles quite a few airlines and boasts of the following services:

  1. Airlines: As of now, about 8 airlines function their flights from this terminal. These include domestic, international, and connecting flights.
  2. Shops: A total of 13 shops are housed by Terminal E. These are situated on Level 2.
  3. Restaurants: The number of restaurants included here adds up to about 31. Level 2 houses most of these dining outlets.
  4. Levels and Gates: Only 3 levels are under the roof of Terminal E with gates 41, divided in both the main and satellite building.
  5. Finance: ReadyCard and a few ATM centers are managed at this building.
  6. Ground Transportation: You can find your way out of the airport by hiring the car rental and taxi services made available at the arrivals area of this terminal.

Map of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Terminals 

To get a better understanding of navigation within the airport, fliers can access the map. This Dallas Fort Worth Airport map of terminals provides directions to all the necessary checkpoints, and shopping and dining stores, entry and exit routes.

DFW Terminals Map

The DFW Airport Terminals are well allocated and managed according to the assigned carriers. Fliers will be given assistance and support during any of the procedures that are to be undertaken at these terminals. Hence, one can stay sure of a hassle-free experience.


Can you walk between terminals at DFW?

Yes, you can walk between the DFW Airport terminals.

How many terminals are at DFW?

There are a total of 5 terminals present at DFW Airport.

Are DFW terminals connected?

Yes, the DFW terminals are connected.

Are there shops at the DFW terminals?

Yes, the DFW terminals have shopping and dining options.

How to get to the DFW Terminals?

Use the airport map to know the exact directions to the DFW Airport terminals.