Visiting the Rio de Janeiro International Airport, get the benefits by knowing places around. To reach your destination without any complications, refer to use GIG Airport Map. This map shows the overall structure and design of the airport.

Rio de Janeiro Airport Interactive Map

You may view the Rio de Janeiro Airport map, different places covered in this map:

  • Terminals
  • Runways
  • Parking Location
  • Car Rental Center

The Rio de Janeiro Airport is designed skillfully to make it easy to understand for the fliers. In addition, everyone can access it because it is available on the main website of Rio de Janeiro Airport.


Where is the GIG Airport Map available?

The RIO Airport Map is available via the official Galeão International Airport website.

What details are included in the GIG Airport Map?

Rio GIG Airport Map includes terminals, parking, baggage claim, car rental center, shops, food options, and other details.

Is the Rio de Janeiro Airport Map available in multiple languages?

Yes, in order to assist international travelers, the Rio de Janeiro Airport Map may be provided in several languages, depending on the airport.