Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Terminals

One of the most famous airports in the world, Los Angeles International Airport, serves the area of Los Angeles and the nearby metropolitan cities. To facilitate such large-scale operations, there are a total of 9 LAX terminals, with one being an international terminal. Each of these buildings is further divided into a specific number of gates to handle the arrivals and departures of different airlines.

LAX terminals

Passengers who have a flight scheduled at this airport ought to understand the location, and working of these terminals. This information is clearly explained in this guide to help travelers have a hassle-free experience.

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Terminals Guide

LAX Terminal 1

Among the LAX Airport terminals, terminal 1 includes a vertical core and an automated people mover. This building is currently under expansion. Here are a few more related details:

  1. Airlines: About 11 carriers operate via the first terminal. These airlines provide flights to both domestic and international destinations.
  2. Shops: Beauty stores and boutiques are available in large numbers at this terminal. In addition to these, one can find bookstores as well.
  3. Restaurants: This terminal is famous for bars, bagel stores, and fast-food courts. A few multi-cuisine restaurants are also present here.
  4. Lounges: There is only one general lounge present at Terminal 1. Connect with the airport authorities to know about its availability.
  5. Levels and Gates: Terminal 1 houses 3 levels for arrivals and departures separately. The gates located here include Gate 9 to 18B.
  6. Baggage and Check-In: Levels 1 and 2 of this building undertake the baggage claim and check-in procedures respectively. The timings of the check-in counters depend on the flight schedule.
  7. Ground Transportation: Close to the arrivals level of Terminal 1, passengers can avail of taxis and rental car services to locations outside the airport.
  8. Parking: Parking lots P1-P7 are available 3-5 minutes from the terminal. These spaces can be pre-booked.

LAX Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is one of the sophisticated Los Angeles Airport terminals with a diverse range of amenities and retail outlets. This building comprises:

  1. Airlines: Two airlines provide services from Terminal 2. However, only departures are handled at this terminal.
  2. Shops: Shops ranging from general stores to product-specific outlets, garments, make-up, and beauty are housed here.
  3. Restaurants: Fliers at this terminal can get access to special culinary delights, quick-bites, and even beverages and drinks.
  4. Levels and Gates: Gate numbers 21-28 are spread across the four levels of Terminal 2. Different levels are assigned different processes.
  5. Lounges: At level 4 of the terminal, travelers can visit the Sky Club. This is the only lounge accessible here.
  6. Finance: Two currency exchange kiosks are present near the arrival level and the departure hall of the terminal. They are managed by ICE.
  7. Parking: Options like economy parking, valet, and budget are available at locations close to the terminal.

LAX Terminal 3

It is one of the newer terminals which is still being developed. It is connected to the Tom Bradley Terminal via a shuttle bus.

  1. Airlines: Terminal 3 manages the operations of 3 main carriers. The check-in and security screening of all three airlines takes place here.
  2. Shops: The shops in this terminal are limited in number. More retail outlets are currently being developed.
  3. Restaurants: Coffee shops and cafes are quite common here. One can find sandwich stores and bakeries as well.
  4. Levels and Gates: As the terminal is relatively smaller, only 11 gates are housed here and there are a total of four gates.
  5. Lounges: A new lounge is being opened in Terminal 3 this year. Relaxation centers are made available for departing passengers.
  6. Finance: ATMs are provided in the arrival and departure halls of this terminal enabling fliers to withdraw money instantly.
  7. Ground Transportation: There is a pick-up point for taxis close to the inside of Terminal 3. To find the exact point, refer to the airport map or call the authorities.

LAX Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is one of those LAX terminals that handles both domestic and international flights. A new concourse to the South has been added to this terminal.

  1. Airlines: This terminal is used exclusively for the functioning of American Airlines. Even connecting flights are operated here.
  2. Shops: Passengers usually frequent entertainment stores, magazine shops, and apparel shops available at this terminal.
  3. Restaurants: Terminal 4 is famous for its appetizers and fine dining options. It also houses a few cafes.
  4. Levels and Gates: With a total of 4 levels, this building has gates 40 to 49. Fliers will need to head to the gate they are assigned.
  5. Financial Services: One ICE currency exchange center is located near the departures area of the terminal. Other ATM services are also made available.

LAX Terminal 5

A recent expansion of Terminal 5 has been completed resulting in a cost of about USD 229 million. This expansion project led to an increased number of shopping and dining stores. Other facilities available here include:

  1. Airlines: The check-in process of three airlines is undertaken at this Terminal. However, the departure and arrival locations of these flights can differ.
  2. Shops: Authentic LA shops can be found at this terminal in addition to the sports stores. Fliers can also visit the duty-free stores.
  3. Restaurants: Terminal 5 is equipped with new and upcoming restaurants. Vending machines and juice centers form a part of the food options.
  4. Gates and Levels: Similar to the other buildings, Terminal 5 has four levels. It has gates 50-59 for the pre-boarding processes.
  5. Finance: The departure area of this terminal houses the ICE currency exchange facility. ATMs are located throughout the terminal.

LAX Terminal 6

Out of the list of terminals at LAX, Terminal 6 handles relatively more passengers. It has a ticketing lobby and different concourse areas to ensure convenience to the fliers.

  1. Airlines: The check-in, arrivals, and departures of 6 airlines are under the control of Terminal 6. Shuttle services will be provided for all the carriers.
  2. Shops: Cosmetics, books, and everyday products are sold here. Entertainment enthusiasts can visit the Hollywood and magazine stores as well.
  3. Restaurants: Terminal 6 hosts restaurants with delicacies from all across the world. Also, one can find pizzerias in large numbers at this terminal.
  4. Levels and Gates: It has gate numbers 60-69 and 4 levels throughout.
  5. Lounges: Airline-specific and general lounges are made open for use for passengers at Terminal 6. Free wi-fi can be accessed at these lounges.
  6. Finance: There are two currency exchange locations within this terminal along with other banking services.

LAX Terminal 7

Terminal 7 has also been through modernization and expansion projects. The facilities it provides include the following:

  1. Airlines: It is known for handling only United Airlines-related flights. This includes both arrivals and departures.
  2. Shops: Fliers at this building can avail of Hudson stores along with a few garment and beauty shops.
  3. Restaurants: Bar and Grills are situated here. A few coffee shops and steakhouses can also be found at Terminal 7.
  4. Gates and Levels: Fliers can visit only the three levels present here. These levels comprise of the gates 70-88.
  5. Finance: ATM centers along with one ICE currency exchange facility are offered at this terminal.
  6. Ground Transportation: Outside of the baggage claim area of Terminal 7, fliers can find the pick-up point for airport taxis.

LAX Terminal 8

The last building, Terminal 8, was renovated in 2019. Currently, an automated people mover is being established at this terminal.

  1. Airlines: Similar to Terminal 7, only United flights are managed at this building as well.
  2. Shops: Souvenir stores, make-up, clothing, and accessory outlets can be visited here. However, the number of shops can seem to be limited.
  3. Restaurants: Mostly, quick-bite options are available at this building. There are not many restaurants.
  4. Levels and Gates: Two levels numbered 1 and 3 are housed by Terminal 8 along with gates 70-88.

Tom Bradley International Terminal B

This is the terminal that handles the majority of the airport traffic. It is one of the largest airport buildings with a Great Hall and luxurious facilities.

  1. Airlines: More than 15 airlines undertake their international operations from this terminal. They provide flights to different parts of the world.
  2. Shops: The Tom Bradley International Terminal boasts a diverse array of shops. From luxury boutiques to convenient travel essentials, the terminal offers something for everyone.
  3. Restaurants: A variety of cuisine options can be found at this terminal. One can try out different snacks and juices.
  4. Levels and Gates: This building has 5 levels including a concourse level. It also has west gates.
  5. Finance: A total of 4 currency exchange kiosks are graced by this terminal. They are located throughout the building.
  6. Lounges: One can find multiple lounges to relax here. These may or may not be airline-specific.

Map of Los Angeles Airport Terminals 

On the official site of the airport, you can access the LAX terminals map. It gives a detailed view of the division of the terminals, the gates at each terminal, and the services available. You can also use this map as a navigation guide.

Since the LAX Airport terminals are many in number, they ensure that all the operations are properly divided and no overlapping of schedules takes place. Further, the layout of these buildings can easily be understood by referring to the airport map.


How many terminals are at LAX?

There are 9 main terminals present at the LAX Airport.

How to get between terminals at LAX?

You can use the airport shuttle services to get between the terminals at LAX.

Are LAX terminals connected?

LAX terminals are connected via the shuttle services.

Can you change terminals at LAX without leaving security?

You can use the airside connection to change terminals at LAX without leaving security.

Does LAX have a shuttle between terminals?

Yes, LAX has a shuttle between its terminals.