Chicago O’Hare Airport Lost and Found

Chicago International O’Hare Airport’s Lost and Found department enables its travelers to reunite with their misplaced belongings. The ORD Airport lost and found department operates via different organizations and locations.

It assists passengers in retrieving personal items, luggage, electronics, jewelry, or books. To be able to timely connect with the authorities to report their belongings, one must know the respective contact information and the whereabouts of these offices. It can also be helpful to know how to file a report for the lost items and the available options to claim them.

O’Hare International Airport Lost and Found Contact Details

The ORD lost and found contact information depends on the location where the item is possibly lost. However, the general contact number is 773-377-1210. Otherwise, one can call the customer service agents as well at the number 773 894 9111.

ORD Lost and Found Contact Details for Different Airlines

At times, it can be possible to lose baggage or other belongings near the ticket counters or close to the boarding gates. In such cases, one should contact the airline assigned to these counters. The same is the case for items lost on the airplanes.

Here are the phone numbers and the locations of the different lost and found O’Hare Airport airline offices:

AirlinesPhone NumberOffice Location
Westjet Airlines1-888-937-8538Terminal 5
Volaris Airlines1-855-865-2747Terminal 5
VivaAerobus1-866-359-8482Terminal 5
United AirlinesDomestic: 1-800-864-8331
International: 1-800-538-2929
Domestic: Terminal 1
International: Terminal 5
Turkish Airlines1-800-874-8875Terminal 5
TAP Air Portugal1-800-221-7370Terminal 5
Sun Country1-651-905-2737Terminal 5
Spirit Airlines1-855-728-3555Terminal 3
Southwest Airlines1-800-435-9792Terminal 5
Southern Airways Express1-800-329-0485Terminal 2
Scandinavian Airlines1-800-221-2350Terminal 5
SWISS1-833-626-0737Terminal 5
Aer Lingus1-800-474-7424Terminal 3
AeroMexico1-800-237-6639Terminal 5
Air Canada1-888-247-2262Terminal 2
Air France1-800-237-2747Terminal 5
Air India1-800-621-8231Terminal 5
Air New Zealand1-800-262-1234Terminal 5
Air Serbia1-718-725-8642Terminal 5
Alaska Airlines1-800-252-7522Terminal 2
All Nippon1-800-235-9262Departures: Terminal 1
Arrivals: Terminal 5
American Airlines1-800-433-7300Domestic: Terminal 3
International: Terminal 5
Austrian Airlines1-800-843-0002Terminal 5
British Airways1-800-247-9297Terminal 5
Cape Air1-800-227-3247Terminal 3
Contour Airlines 1-888-332-6686Terminal 3
Delta1-800-221-1212Terminal 5
Emirates1-800-777-3999Terminal 5
Etihad Airways1 -800-445-2733Terminal 5
Frontier Airlines1-801-401-9000​Terminal 5
Iberia Airlines1-800-772-4642Departures: Terminal 3
Arrivals: Terminal 5
JetBlue1-800-538-2583Terminal 2
Korean Air1-800-438-5000Terminal 5
LOT Polish Airlines1-212-789-0970Terminal 5
Qatar Airways1-877-777-2827Terminal 5
Royal Jordanian1-212-949-0050Terminal 5
Lufthansa1-800-645-3880Departures: Terminal 1
Arrivals: Terminal 5

Chicago O’Hare Airport Lost and Found Locations

Other than on the airplane, there is a possibility for the items to be misplaced at any location within the airport like near the parking or TSA checks. The O’Hare lost and found contact details differ based on such locations. These include:

Location where Items can be LostContact NumberEmail
TSA Checkpoints(773) 377-1210Visit the official TSA Lost and Found page
O’Hare Transit System(773) 601-1817[email protected]
Near ParkingFor keys: (773) 686-7530
For other items: (773) 686-2385
Near restaurants or cafes(773) 377-7804
Near Hudson News(773) 686-7535
Non-food locationsVisit the store directly
The customs area near Terminal 5(773) 686-3157
General terminal areas(773) 686-2385
Near rental car areas(773) 462-9515

The O’Hare Airport lost and found department embodies its best efforts to help passengers find their items. It comprises dedicated staff that will guide the travelers throughout the process. These agents are also quick to respond, thus enabling passengers to easily file their reports. 


Where is the O’Hare airport lost and found office?

O’Hare Airport’s lost and found offices are located at different places throughout the airport.

What is the O’Hare airport lost and found number?

Although the O’Hare lost and found contact details differ, the general contact number is 773 894 9111 or 773-377-1210.

What is the TSA Lost and Found O’Hare Airport phone number?

The TSA Lost and Found office at O’Hare Airport can be contacted by dialing (773) 377-1210.

When is the ORD Airport lost and found office open?

At the ORD Airport, the lost and found office generally remains open all through the day.

How to file a claim to Lost and Found at O’Hare Airport?

One can directly call the authorities at the ORD lost and found office and file a claim.